Which country is very passionate about hockey?

If you do a quick internet search for hockey, you will soon find that it is arguably the most played game in most countries in the world. But two states definitely love this game, which makes it only one of, if not the most famous sport, are Finland and Canada. Sports fans from both of these countries show their support quite often to get their favorite teams, but Canada loves hockey, that’s for sure. Read on if you want to hear what we think about this.


Canada is renowned for its incredible hockey culture:

  • Many men and women are attracted to this activity, and it remains an important activity for most people across the country. 
  • The ice hockey club has won approximately 1-3 gold medals at the Olympics, making it one of the greatest clubs on the planet.

Outsiders probably think Canadians are in love with hockey as they are just great at the game. What’s more, by far one of the greatest hockey players of all time, Wayne Gretzky is still Canadian. Perhaps this is fueling some nationalism among Canadians as they know they are good at competitive play.

Ice hockey can actually be a huge region of society in this country and some people have season tickets for their own team. Even people who don’t understand how to combine them into this match weekly love to watch TV. Even the Ice Hockey World Championships benefit countless audiences around the world whenever the event is held, and generally, most of them end in Canada.

Each of these clubs has huge fanbases with fans, because Canada loves hockey. They will wear their jersey in the supermarket so that they don’t forget the match. In fact, it can be difficult to beat the passion Canadians bring to hockey.


The hockey team rarely disappoints amateurs.

The pace of matches, as well as the direction of the nation to success. In fact, Finland’s greatest professional league is considered to be one of the greatest leagues in Europe; Sm-Liiga will not disappoint.

Like Canada loves hockey, Finland has won numerous gold medals in various championships, which explains exactly why hockey is so popular in the country. The fans strongly believe that the nation is very good at this game.

Hockey first appeared in Finland in 1928, that is, a little later than in Canada. Only in 1939, the Mormon group withdrew from the World Cup, but this did not stop Finland from becoming a country that adores hockey hockey.

Many men and women are surprised that the number of ice hockey fans from Finland is huge. The fact remains: Finland is home to about 6 million people, but they can fight with such a huge state like Canada.

Some of these players are part of the national team, although some have left their mark on existing teams in Canada.

Hockey is considered the number 1 game in Finland as far as the public is concerned.

Why is hockey popular in these countries?

There are many factors why Canada loves hockey and Finland does, however, it often boils down to the simple fact that it is considered a winter game and both states tend to have cold climates. While other countries have opportunities to enjoy ice hockey during the winter months, taxpayers in Finland and Canada are developing the game in their communities outside the ice rink.

In addition, hockey generates significant income for each of these states, so over time has increased the excitement.

Based on what we found, it is clear that these two states are overly addicted to hockey. But it goes without saying that Canada has really made a name for itself with a very long lineup of fantastic hockey teams and players. The players went there to play, so this shows exactly how popular hockey is in this country.

Overall, we think Canada is probably the most exciting country to have a passion for hockey. But don’t let us influence your decision – you will create your mind!

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